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These are just a small sample of the hundreds of projects my firm has done for over twenty-five years. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, don't worry, I've probably done it! Of course, the web has its limitations and all of my work is best seen from the final printed pieces or directly at the linked websites. I'm happy to mail prospective clients free printed samples or other .pdf files. Please email me.


Portfolio Project Index
Frank Russell Company Sequa One to One Newsletter
DW Green Company Angeli's Market Map
Coborn's Logo
Faith Dairy Egg Nog Carton
MarketPlace Foods Mailer
MarketPlace Foods Logo
Reay's Natural Food Labels
Super 1 Prem. Quality Seafood Sign
Espresso Specialists Photo-Illustration from Calendar
High Tech
AFCOM IS Show Events Guide & Publications
DeftCom, Inc. Logo
Service Brochure
Cambia IP Resource Newsletter
OceanVoice Logo
The Justin Agency
Service Brochure
The CreelGroup Website
Homeland Security - US Coast Guard Composite Marine Chart displays for AOR , SAR, DRE offices and centers.
Valley Medical Center The Report, Patient Magazine
Rehabilitation Services Folder
Edmond Kay, MD Diving Medicine Brochure
Steven Prince, DVD Logo
Real Estate
Executive Real Estate Website
Columbia West Properties Brochure
Seattle-King County Convention
& Visitors Bureau
Seattle Convention Center Specs Guide
Chart from Specs Guide
The Vance Corporation Corridors Tenant Magazine
Five Building Composite Graphic
One Thousand One Fourth Location Map
Medallion Rugs, Inc. Ad and Postcard
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company TireLogic Magazine
Totem Ocean Trailer Anniversary Logo
PACCAR Financial Corp. Direct Mail Postcards
Animated Web Teaser & Flyer
Dive Industry
Ideations, Inc.
(Dive Alert)
Optical Ocean Blog Writing
Blue Moon Beachhouse Rack-sized Postcard
SeaScape Sailing, ltd. Makin' Waves Newsletter
Seattle-King County Convention
& Visitors Bureau
Publication Covers
South Pacific
Island Travel
Adventure Catalog
Catalog Writing
Interlake China Tours Website & Blog
Content Writing
Washinton State Tourism Content Writing
Communications & Public Relations
The Siefkes Group Website
PraterWrites Logo
Seliger+Associates Stationery
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