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With over twenty-six years of experience in graphic communications, Jack Connick has the depth and breadth of design and communications savvy to solve the most difficult challenges. He knows how to make your projects work for the right audience with the right message. And what's even better is that everything looks great. He's experienced in many industries and has major clients in financial, insurance, medical, real estate, travel and tourism, high tech, retail grocery and food and transportation sectors, amongst many others.

Utilizing Macintosh computers, Jack Connick Creative Services is at the forefront of computer-aided design. He is skilled in the latest graphics programs such as Adobe Creative Suite 3, Freehand 10, GoLive CS2, among many others. He is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, earning a B.S. degree in Graphic Communications in 1975. In his spare time he enjoys sailing on his sailboat and scuba diving, having earned his PADI Rescue Diver certification. He is the past president of the Marker Buoy Dive Club in Seattle. In 2006 he opened a second business; an internet ecommerce site devoted to selling underwater phtography equipment.

Recent influences have been achieved through extensive world-wide travel. Jack has made trips to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Fiji, Micronesia, the Netherlands, the Caribbean, and Mexico among others. While traveling he has sought out the art, religion, history and architecture of these places and enjoys applying these cultures to design projects through the use of the composition, color, pattern and textures of these exotic locations. See his Underwater Photography & Travel site.

Jack's photography and articles have appeared in travel and diving publications such as Northwest Dive News and XRay Magazine reaching a national and international audience. He also writes a popular diving and sailing blog: OpticalOcean: Above & Below.

Design is more than a strong creative approach; it must solve problems and accomplish marketing goals within time frames and budgets. The firm's approach is to "have your cake and eat it, too."

Each client's requirements are different, as is the intended audience. That's why each project is seen as an opportunity to apply market analysis and definition in order to develop goals for conceptual creativity and design. The end result is a well-defined image which meets the project's goals.

Through a wide range of available graphic means and mediums, Jack Connick Creative Services will produce a finished piece which is a creative and effective graphic communication and which accurately presents the client's desired visual image to their intended market.


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